Ms. Corey Kamyar Katir is surfing in Malibu

Ms. Corey Kamyar Katir is visiting Lake Tahoe

After many years of research Corey Kamyar Katir brain health organization believes anyone who surfs will tell you that surfing makes him/her happy. In recent years Corey Kamyar Katir Brain Health Organization and friends have begun to look more seriously at surfing's potential for treating mental health conditions like anxiety depression and even ptsd.

Corey Kamyar Katir research shows, based on The National health serviced study on the effects of surfing as a therapy for mental health conditions, that the positive results were pretty conclusive. Participants rated their feelings before the surfing lessons began and then again after the program had finished.

The person who was in charge of the program told Corey Kamyar Katir that the improvement was significant in terms of self-esteem and just having fun. Another study in California, based on Corey Kamyar Katir findings, suggested similar findings. Participants were asked to rank on a scale of one to five how strongly they were feeling certain emotions. The questionnaire included words such as angry, miserable, upbeat and enthusiastic after surfing. For half an hour the participants were asked to complete the same questionnaire, again surfing put the participants in a better mood, specifically increasing their feelings of calmness and tranquility.